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Primary makes your sports vision training just easy and effective. Primary can be purchased only at this web shop.

You can see just like this!

For example, with PRIMARY Strobe Glasses, you can see high speed rotating fans just like this!

PRIMARY setting condition: Duty Ratio d90, Frequency 31Hz
(A movie of fans rotating with 3,000rpm, with/without PRIMARY.

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PRIMARY 2MJ-03SE Strobe Glasses for Visual Training


* Primary is used by thousands of users in Japan, 10 years old to 70's, or amateurs to professionals!
* New Model 2MJ-03SE with a remote controller, memory function of 5 settings, and dual/individual setting.
* Safe Payment by PayPal, Direct Shipment by EMS, No Shipping Charge, Reliable Customer's Service, and more!

What is PRIMARY Strobe Glasses?

PRIMARY Strobe Glasses are the special glasses those instantly give you stroboscopic effect or slow motion effect.   You have seen the slow motion effect by flashing on and off at a theater or a discotheque, haven't you?   You can see very fast moving or dancing as you see slow motion.  PRIMARY makes it possible to get the same effect, not by the normal stroboscope lamp system but by the world fastest LCD shutter system.  This patented technology provides you the circumstances to improve your dynamic vision or sports vision very easily, hand-free,  whenever and wherever you wish.

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Basic Technology

A stroboscope is an instrument used to make a cyclically moving object appear to be slow-moving or stationary.  Normally an electronic stroboscope has a flash lamp or LED to emit brief and rapid flashes of light.  This system has been sometimes used for dynamic vision or sports vision training. Unfortunately it is limited to only indoor and dark place. In stead of flash lamp or LED. PRIMARY Strobe Glasses are equipped with high speed LCD (liquid crystal display) controlled by CPU (Central Processing Unit). By blinking LCD in front of your eyes, you can get stroboscopic effect very easily anywhere and anytime as you wish. Yes, you can use it during your daily training outdoor under sunshine.More details

Features and Specifications

- Lenses consist of the world's fastest blinking LCD system in order to provide "stroboscopic effect".

- Not only Frequency (LCD blinking times per second), but also Duty Ratio (LCD closing ratio per cycle) can be adjusted through CPU integrated in the switch box

- Independent setting of right/left lens control with two parameters, Frequency (1Hz - 150Hz) and Duty Ratio (30% - 99%)

- Sleep switch (Pause Function) with Max. 5-memory is available

- Superb portability and usability by an appearance of sportswear sunglasses.  

   Fully integrated design with Switch Box, CPU, and Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.

- Comfortable fitting by an adjustable nose pad for a wide variation of facial structures

- Rechargeable battery gives hours of of use and can be recharged with AC adaptor (100VAC - 240VAC) or USB connector

- LCD panel (display) to show settings of parameters and LED indicators for Power On/Off, Sleep (pause) or Charging

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For Dynamic Vision and Sports Vision Enhancement Training

PRIMARY Strobe Glasses can easily provide a stroboscopic effect and it definitely helps users to see a ball's rotation or orbit, for example.   But it is just a part of the actual and potential advantages of this device.  Sport training with PRIMARY simply makes the task much more difficult due to the cyclic closing time by LCD lenses and by removing PRIMARY, the task becomes much easier. Therefore, just during your daily training, by using PRIMARY properly adjusted, you can easily improve your ability and skill.

PRIMARY Strobe Glasses can be applied to any kind of sport requiring dynamic vision or sports vision, tipically Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Clay Shooting... or even Golf.

Primary is applicable to various sports.

For Industrial/Inspection purposes

- to check high speed rotating, oscillating or vibrating objects like industrial machines, devices, or products.

- to inspect fast moving objects like printed material during printing process.

PRIMARY's patented technology can be used even for the industrial purposes. Based on the same technology, several different products are under development to be introduced into the market in the near future.

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Supervised and endorsed by Japan No.1 Sports Vision Specialist!

Primary Strobe Glasses have been supervised and endorsed by Professor IshigakiHisao, M.D. at Aichi Institute of Technology, Toyota, Aichi, Japan. According to Prof. Ishigaki, "I have been waiting for this kind of tool for many years. PRIMARY Strobe Glasses is so amazing that a pair of glasses makes it possible for athletes to improve their sports vision just during daily training first time ever before."

Prof. Ishigaki was born in 1947, graduating from Tokyo Educational University (Now: Tukuba University), Medical Doctor, very famous as the leading person of sports vision study in Japan, supervised Nintendo DS software 'Sight Training', and advising Japan National Teams or Professional Teams of various sports fields in Japan.

Online shopping

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PRIMARY Storobe Glasses can be purchased in this website from anywhere in the world. The current selling price is CIF Japanese Yen 50,000 (US$500.00 when the exchange ratio is J.Yen 100 per US$1.00) per set including shipping cost and Insurance.    To purchase PRIMARY, please click here.
As for the payment, you may pay by Bank TT Remittance but we would like to recommend PayPal which is much easier, cheaper, and quicker! Most of the major credit cards can be used through Paypal as well.

Upon receipt of your payment, normally the shipment is done within two working days and it takes only a couple days to deliver by EMS courier service by Post.


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Looking for overseas distributors

PRIMARY Strobe Glasses are the brand new but potential products for not only sports but also for various fields.  PRIMARY was invented in April 2010 and then introduced into the market first in Japan and the U.S.A.  in 2011. We are now looking for overseas distributors.   Very simple and small cost scheme is available.  It is also introduced in JETRO TTPP(Japan External Trade Organization, Trade Tie-up Promotion Program).

Purchasing only two sets of PRIMARY with the whole sale price, you can become a distributor! No deposite fee, no agent premium, nor sales obligation.

If you are interested in being our overseas distributor, for the details, please click here.

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